JMC Philippines Models & Variant Prices

Starting out as a repair shop before venturing into manufacturing, JMC has the experience and knowledge on what makes or breaks a car. Their entry level Hunter pickup starts at P680,000 while the Orion SUV can be yours for P1,170,000. Check out the JMC Philippines pricelist 2016 below to know more.

JMC Compadre Body Type: Commercial Vehicle

JMC Compadre JMH Aluminum ₱ 810,000 Get Quote
JMC Compadre JMH Dropside ₱ 797,000 Get Quote

JMC Hunter Body Type: Pickup

JMC Hunter 4X2 5MT ₱ 680,000 Get Quote
JMC Hunter 4X4 5MT ₱ 850,000 Get Quote

JMC Orion Body Type: SUV

JMC Orion 2.4 ₱ 1,170,000 Get Quote

JMC Vigor Body Type: Pickup

JMC Vigor N350 4x2 MT ₱ 898,000 Get Quote
JMC Vigor N350 4x4 MT ₱ 1,160,000 Get Quote