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Model Name
Policy Price Range
Baic X424 2022 P100.00 - P30,972.68 View Quotation
Baic M20 2022 P100.00 - P13,640.50 View Quotation
Baic M50S 2022 P100.00 - P15,015.51 View Quotation
Baic M60 2022 P100.00 - P22,910.95 View Quotation
Baic MZ40 2022 P100.00 - P11,676.35 View Quotation
Baic MZ45 2022 P100.00 - P14,164.24 View Quotation
Baic BJ20 2022 P100.00 - P27,106.98 View Quotation
Baic Freedom 2022 P100.00 - P16,667.66 View Quotation
Baic H5 Bayanihan 2022 P100.00 - P19,322.96 View Quotation

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Get instant quotes from our insurance partners with transparent price breakdown.

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Online payment options may include PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, Gcash, and others.

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Your e-policy will be sent to your email inbox within 1-3 business days.

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