Audi RS5 2016

Php 5,700,000

The elegant coupe with a high-revving 450hp V8 engine, a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, sportss suspension, and enthusiast-inspired interior and exterior makes the Audi RS5 one special coupe to own. Drive it or ride along a mountain range and you'll surely grin through every corner with the acclaimed quattro all-wheel drive system that never disappoints. Exit the corner can also be dead easy, add a bit more power and it's very satisfying. It's naturally aspirated engine surges to deliver a steady power until 8,500 rpm, quite crazy.

Inside is full of customization to your hearts content coupled with Audi's brilliant cabin, you are home. Step into the Audi S5 and see that everyday can be a weekend. 


Variant Name Transmission Fuel Type Price Compare
Audi RS5 Coupe Semi-Automatic Gasoline ₱ 5,700,000

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