Pros & Cons

The Vitara's pros start with the exterior as the design of the front of the vehicle looks great. Next up is the huge infotainment system that's almost tablet-like. Another thing you'd like is the fuel economy, as the Suzuki Vitara was able to get 8.1 km/L in the city and 20.1 km/L on the highway during our tests

On the flipside, you might not like the plastics used inside the Vitara. The plastic material used in the cabin takes away from the premium feel that the vehicle initially gives off. The sunroof cover is also another con for the vehicle as it does not completely block out the sun even when the shade is in use. The shade still lets heat and light into the cabin which could make the cabin uncomfortable when the weather gets hot.

What You Will Like
  • Great front exterior design.
  • Huge tablet-like Android infotainment system.
  • Stellar fuel economy figures.
What You Won't Like
  • Plastic material used in the entire cabin.
  • Sunlight penetrating the sunroof cover.
  • Rear-end is uninspiring.

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