Pros & Cons

The biggest draw of the Jimny to many would be the classic design. Suzuki has blended this design well with the modern touches that make this small SUV feel more special than most cars rolling down the road today. The soft seats will also cradle the occupants of the car thanks to Suzuki’s material selection. Because of the way the Jimny is built, it allows you to go anywhere because of how compact it is, and how easy it can go over bumps and divots on the road or on the trail. 

Compared to its predecessor, a few cupholders and cubbyholes are omitted. While big, the nine-inch infotainment system performed with a few glitches here and there. Also, NVH insulation needs improvement as wind noise and tire noise crept into the cabin at higher speeds. 

What You Will Like
  • Classic design with modern touches.
  • Soft cushioned seats are surprisingly comfortable.
  • Go anywhere.
What You Won't Like
  • Fewer cubbyholes and cupholders than its predecessor.
  • Glitchy infotainment system.
  • NVH insulation needs a lot of improvement.

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