Suzuki Jimny

If you haven’t already heard of it, the Jimny is Suzuki’s tiny 4x4 off-roader that has been in production since 1970. Since its first release, the Jimny has undergone many evolutions and transformations, becoming more modern with each release. However, the formula remains the same, small peppy engine, capable 4x4 system, high ground clearance, and a short wheelbase. 

All these qualities add up to make the Jimny a capable off-road vehicle right out of the showroom, and because of that, it has gathered a very loyal fanbase through the years. Right now, the Suzuki Jimny is in its fourth generation and it has managed to capture the hearts of a lot of people, Jimny fans or not. 

Here on, despite being in the market for five years, this mini SUV still managed to carve its own spot in our top 20 most inquired-for vehicles of 2023, managing to bag 1.99 percent of total inquiries made on the site. We’ll discuss a few points on how it managed to do such a feat.

Suzuki Jimny Rear

It’s a daunting task for car manufacturers to design a car that will still look fresh many years after it first launches. For the Jimny, Suzuki has managed to strike a balance between retro and contemporary styling. Even today, you’d be forgiven for mistaking that the fourth-generation Jimny was only released recently because it’s simply gorgeous to look at. 

As car owners, we want our cars to be still nice to look at even after a few years have gone by. For owners of the new Jimny, we don’t think they’ll be worried about that anytime soon.

Suzuki Jimny

Don’t be fooled by the 1.5-liter K15B engine powering the Jimny, it’s more than enough to get this tiny SUV around the town and off the beaten track. While it’s not quick by modern standards, it will take you around the city and cruise on the Philippines’ highways and expressways without any complaint. Off-road, because the Jimny is light and it has Suzuki’s trick AllGrip pro 4x4 system, it can handle the rough stuff without any issues. Just as long as there’s an equally competent driver behind the wheel.

Suzuki Jimny Exterior

The Suzuki Jimny is not a practical car to own by any means, there are cheaper and larger alternatives to this car out there. However, not all cars are as interesting as the Jimny to own. The Jimny already had a strong fanbase of off-road enthusiasts way before the fourth generation rolled around. Now, thanks to the dashing good looks of the fourth-gen Jimny, more people have come around to give Suzuki’s tiny SUV a look. Combined with the previous points we’ve made, it’s easy to see why people are still interested in the Jimny.

This year, expect the Jimny name to rise in popularity once more because a five-door version is on the way to our market. We’ll keep you posted about that once more news comes. For now, you can check out the Jimny and other cars on Take a look around and maybe you’ll find a promo on the car of your dreams.

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