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AutoDeal to launch extended analytics for car brands

AutoDeal to launch extended analytics for car brands, the Philippine market leader in online lead-generation and lead-management, announced significant updates to its brand and dealership group analytics platform.

Available to AutoDeal’s partner brand and dealership groups, the new analytics platform will provide comprehensive data and insights on lead-generation and marketing campaigns ran through the platform as well as providing partners with several more insights on their sales performance at both the dealership and sales representative levels.

The new features of the update include (but are not limited to):

Enhanced Lead Analytics: With improved lead tracking and analytics module, partners will be able to monitor their leads over time, and evaluate the breakdown in-leads by products and prospect location.

Enhanced Sales & Conversion Analytics: Partners will now be able to simultaneously track monthly sales volumes and sales conversion over time. This feature will empower partners with the ability to monitor which months generated the highest lead-to-sale conversions, even if the lead did not convert to a sale within the same month. In addition to this, a thorough breakdown of sales by product and customer location is also included.

Content Analytics: Partners will now be able to view statistics related to articles and content that feature their brand or dealership. This includes the ability to review audience and social media metrics, as well as evaluate leads and sales generated by customers engaging with specific types of content.

Customer Testimonials: Thousands of customer testimonials are already available on AutoDeal. With the new analytics platform, brands and dealership groups will be able to review and publish customer success stories that have been shared by validated buyers.

Dealer & Agent Performance: Further enhancements have been made to dealer and sales agent performance dashboards. Managers will now be able to critically assess and monitor the historic performance of their sales teams based on metrics like sales volume, sales conversion, inquiry response time and customer feedback.

Improved Escalation & Notification System: An improved notification system will provide partners with the ability to better highlight and escalate potential problems with their lead-management. This includes several prompts which can be made to address unanswered leads or poorly performing sales teams.

The first version of updates is for release on April 1, 2018 with additional enhancements scheduled to launch in both May and June.

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