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AutoDeal Launches SMS notifications for sales agents.

AutoDeal Launches SMS notifications for sales agents.

This August, AutoDeal has implemented the ability for sales agents from AutoDeal partner dealers to now receive SMS notifications every time they get assigned a new prospective customer.

Notifications will be sent to the cell-phone number that is paired with the sales agent account in your AutoDeal profile. If you’re unsure which number you originally registered (or are unsure if you registered one at all) you can review your details by logging in and clicking on My Account.

Notifications will be sent to agents under the following conditions:-

  1. When you are assigned a new lead on AutoDeal.
  2. When a customer respond to you using AutoDeal.

Likewise customers using AutoDeal will also be notified by SMS when a sales consultant responds to them.

This feature has been implemented to save agents from having to check their e-mail accounts for notification. The expected outcome is faster response times and a better overall experience for AutoDeal car-buyers.

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