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Enhanced Lead & Sales Insighs from AutoDeal.

Enhanced Lead & Sales Insighs from AutoDeal.

Together with the release of the all-new AutoDeal analytics suite are several new tools that have been specifically designed to help brands and dealership groups better understand their lead and sales generation campaigns.

Listed below are a few explanations about how these features can be used in order to enhance and better monitor ongoing digital lead-generation efforts.

Leads by Source:

Lead volumes can be tracked and monitored based on the means and manner in which they were generated. For partners solely using our Lead Management System (LMS) to monitor AutoDeal leads; you’ll be able to view lead origin based on whether it was generated through a promo campaign, through product pages in our car guide or through a content campaign.

For those partners also using AutoDeal to manage external lead campaigns; you’ll have the capability to track leads based on your pre-designated lead sources. This could include (but it not limited to) leads generated through your website or through your Facebook campaigns.

As such you can then monitor the trend in lead-output by different sources over extended periods of time.

Leads/Sales by Vehicle:

A thorough lead breakdown by product nameplate can be analyzed according to custom date-ranges. Through this tool marketers will have increased capability to better analyze which vehicles are receiving the most interest from prospective buyers during specific times of the year. In addition to this, a sales breakdown may also be viewed so that marketers and sales professionals can analyze which products in their line-up are generating the most real-world transactions, thus providing a clear indicator for online to offline conversion.

Leads/Sales by Customer Location:

Want to have a better understanding about how effective your online lead-generation campaigns are for capturing customers outside of your traditional capture areas? We provide a thorough analysis of customer location based on the geo-location specified by inquirers.

Monthly Sales Volume with Date of Lead Indicators:

Our sales analysis provides the ability for AutoDeal partners to track their volume of sales releases on a month by month basis. In addition to providing the overall total, our analytics will also indicate the month in which leads were generated for marketers and sales professionals to better understand the buying cycle and the requirement for sales teams to nurture leads over time.

Monthly Sales Conversion with Date of Sale Indicators:

Sales conversion may also be tracked according to the original date of leads. From this, you can measure how effective your campaigns were over different time periods in generating leads that resulted in sales. Much like the sales volume graphs, the sales conversion graphs will also indicate in what months leads finally converted to a sale; providing vital information on your lead to sale conversion timeline from specific campaigns conducted at different times of the year.

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