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The five reasons why dealers would want to be Elite

The five reasons why dealers would want to be Elite

When it comes to our brand-new dealer subscriptions, the Dealer Elite package is by far the cremé de la cremé of service offerings, providing partners with a wide range of options to maximize their revenue output from AutoDeal.

To highlight the advantages of subscribing to the topmost package, the AutoDeal Dealer Elite, here are the five of the best reasons why dealers must consider upgrading or availing the Elite option.

1. You get unlimited Featured Promos.

If you want to get ahead of your competition, then our featured promo offerings will help ensure your monthly sales promotions don’t go overlooked.

Our Featured Promos will enable your Promo Pages to rank higher than standard listings in our search result pages; meaning that you’ll gain more exposure and increase your likelihood of generating more leads and sales. Once featured, you can also opt to purchase AutoDeal credits to embed your promos in high visibility areas of AutoDeal using the Showcase feature.

With an Elite dealership subscription, all of your monthly promos will automatically be upgraded to featured promos.

2. You can publish your customer testimonials.

AutoDeal’s promise to potential car-buyers is “Car Buying, Simplified” which is why we’ve spent the last year collecting feedback from those buyers that our agents marked as sold in the AutoDeal for Agents App. The result is a plethora of positive testimonials from customers that our AutoDeal partners have provided a quality sales service to.

With AutoDeal Elite, you can now publish your positive testimonials on your AutoDeal microsite and within your Promo Pages. This will help not only highlight your dealer, but will also provide additional pathways for customers to inquire with you — further helping to generate more opportunities for your best performing agents.

3. You can start promoting your Servicing Promos.

Given the tens of thousands of customers that have already transacted on AutoDeal, it’s only natural that many of them often return to ask us questions about after sales and servicing. As such, we now offer the ability for dealers to advertise their car servicing promos in our new servicing promos section.

This new feature enables dealers to raise more awareness about their vehicle servicing facilities and offerings. This new lead-generation enables prospective vehicle owners to request a service appointment with any dealership subscribed to our Pro or Elite packages.

4. You will have your own co-branded re-marketing newsletter.

15% of the sales generated on the AutoDeal platform, come from users who return back to our website by clicking on one of our e-mail newsletters. With an Elite dealership subscription we will set you up with a monthly re-marketing newsletter that will be distributed to all previous prospects who requested to stay subscribed to your dealership. This email based newsletter will include updated information on all of your latest sales and servicing promos.

5. You will receive complimentary AutoDeal Advertising Credits worth P10,000.

As mentioned, our AutoDeal Advertising Credits enable dealers to use our internal ad management tool (located in your promoter dashboard) to embed your offerings for a limited time in highly visible locations throughout the AutoDeal website. As a gesture of appreciation, any account that subscribes or upgrades to AutoDeal Dealer Elite will be gifted with P10,000 worth of complimentary credits to use at their discretion. Note: Complimentary Advertising credit must be consumed within three (3) months.

For more information on the AutoDeal Dealer Elite subscription package, contact your AutoDeal account representative or e-mail

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