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How AutoDeal Credits helps dealers generate more sales

How AutoDeal Credits helps dealers generate more sales

This year, with the creation of a three tiered subscription model, the AutoDeal Dealer Partner program saw a shift in gears. Aside from allowing dealers to better manage their budget, the introduction of the new subscription packages, AutoDeal Pro and AutoDeal Elite, offered a plethora of enhancements that allow dealers the ability to feature promos, publish vehicle servicing promos and showcase positive consumer testimonials. Through these mechanisms, high performing dealers have become more competitive, with contributed sales from AutoDeal growing exponentially across the board.

Also, with the release of the new subscription packages comes the new AutoDeal Credits system which enables dealers to exchange purchased credits for improved ranking, increased exposure and, ultimately, more sales.

Read here the benefits of being Pro and Elite as well as the advantages of purchasing and using AutoDeal Credits.

1. Improved Promo Rankings

One of the benefits of the Pro and Elite accounts is the ability for dealers to rank their monthly vehicle promos higher up search result pages. Through improved rankings, dealers increase the ability for their promos to be found, thus generating more page views and subsequent leads. This ability is made possible through the Featured Promo offering. On a Pro account, a dealer has the ability to upgrade three (3) promos per month to featured promos, whereas on an Elite, all promos are automatically upgraded to featured.

With the AutoDeal Credits system, any dealer on a Plus or Pro level account can also further upgrade their promos to become Featured Promos. Likewise, dealers can also use our Promo Bump feature to push their promo to the very top of the search results for a limited time.

2. More Exposure, More Leads, More Sales

Dealers are also now able to stay ahead of the competition by being able to create more exposure for their Featured Promos. By increasing the visibility of their offerings, a dealer will naturally obtain more pageviews and leads. Likewise, a dealer may also purchase our Showcase offering. 

With the Showcase, a dealer can embed their promo in highly visited pages on the AutoDeal website. In particular, a showcased promo will appear on:

Car Guide - The promo will appear in the relevant model and variant pages within the AutoDeal Car Guide. The Car Guide is the most visited section of the AutoDeal website, obtaining more than 4,000,000 page views collectively per month. By showcasing promo in these pages, dealers will not only reach a larger audience but will also attract potential buyers who are predisposed to inquiring about your products. For example, if your Promo is Ford the Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 4x4 AT, AutoDeal will show your promo within this model variant page and within the generic model page for the Ford Ranger.

Car Comparison - The promo will appear in relevant comparisons within the AutoDeal Car Comparison tool. As a result, your promo will be seen by prospective buyers who are already considering your brand but have not yet made up their minds. By revealing your promo in the ‘Price’ section of the comparison tool, we offer the ability for dealers to entice buyers not only to your product, but to purchasing the product at your dealership.

3. Improved Lead Quality

Increasing pageviews and lead volumes is a relatively basic concept, however one of the major benefits of using AutoDeal Credits is the ability to capture prospective buyers who are further along in the overall shopping process.

While a typical lead may capture someone who has an interest in your product or price-point, leads attracted through features like the showcase enable you to capture prospects who already have a pre-determined interest in your product. As such your promos are showcased not in a way to convince the buyer to show interest in the product, but to show interest in the product at your dealership.

The diagram below identifies how our Showcase feature will not only help generate more volume, but will also increase lead to sale conversion

For more information on the benefits of AutoDeal Credits, speak to your account representative or log-in to your account.

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