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Use your AutoDeal Credits with 50% off on features

Use your AutoDeal Credits with 50% off on features

Dear car dealers, we have already told you how AutoDeal Credits generate more sales, right? To sum the many benefits you get, the AutoDeal Credits system actually helps improve your promo rankings, give you more exposure (which means more leads than will ultimately direct you to more sales), and point you to improved lead quality.

Now, what would you do if we say that an early Christmas gift has come your way? Yes, before the year-end celebrations start, AutoDeal is already giving away an amazing surprise for all New and Used Car Dealers with a Pro & Elite account or Silver, Gold, Platinum package. Use your AutoDeal Credits, and you can get 50% off on the car promo and used car listing features.

With the AutoDeal Credits system, the subscribed Pro & Elite dealers can further upgrade their promos to become Featured Promos for a week. Likewise, dealers can also use the Promo Bump feature to push their promo to the very top of the search results. With the Showcase, a dealer can embed their promos in highly visited pages on the AutoDeal website such as the Car Guide and Car Comparison.

Meanwhile, the dealers of Used Cars with Silver, Gold and Platinum packages can ensure Featured Listings rank higher in search results and can be upgraded into a Hot Deal. Hot Deals are then used to highlight price drops of 2.5% more. It also gets a free bump every day for seven days and appears in the Hot Deal section.

Available from October 1 to November 30, 2018 only, this 50% Off Features through AutoDeal credits can provide you, dear dealers, of more quality leads at a lot lesser cost. Stay ahead of the competition, and create more exposure for your cars and brands. Remember, our new AutoDeal Credits system will enable you to exchange purchased credits for improved ranking, increased exposure and, ultimately, more sales.

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