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Official Sales Agent for Toyota Pasong Tamo Makati
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2 Reviews

Melrose, our highly recommended agent! She responded quickly to our query here in Autodeal and was very accommodating during the entire process. Our car was released in less than a week and even took the extra mile to process our documents ahead. It only took us an hour in the dealership then we were able to take home our car. Thank you again!

Lyle June Serrano, Toyota Wigo 1.0 G AT
Jun 10, 2022

I was initially given 3 agents and dealers to choose from when I inquired here.Melrose was the first to reply and has provided all the information I needed. When I finally decided on the unit, Mel helped me from Day 1 to delivery of the unit. She has been accommodating and patient. She knows what she's saying and doing. All of her promises were delivered too! You'll have a pleasant experience buying in Toyota Pasong Tamo especially with Mel as your agent. 😊 I'm one happy customer!!!

Anonymous, Toyota Veloz 1.5 V CVT
Jun 08, 2022