FOTON Philippines Price List

FOTON vehicles are built to be reliable day in and out. Want a new addition to your fleet? The FOTON Gratour can accommodate up to 8 people for P490,000. There's also a full-size van, a pickup, and SUV for you to choose from. The FOTON Philippines pricelist 2016 will help you get your next everyday steed.

2018 FOTON Thunder front FOTON Thunder Body Type: Pickup

FOTON Thunder 4x2 AT Promo Available ₱ 1,098,000 Get Quote
FOTON Thunder 4x2 MT ₱ 988,000 Get Quote
FOTON Thunder 4x4 ₱ 1,248,000 Get Quote
FOTON Thunder E ₱ 840,000 Get Quote

2018 Foton Toplander front FOTON Toplander Body Type: SUV

FOTON Toplander EL 4x2 AT Promo Available ₱ 1,388,000 Get Quote
FOTON Toplander EX 4x2 AT ₱ 1,488,000 Get Quote

2018 FOTON View Traveller front FOTON View Traveller Body Type: Van

FOTON View Traveller 2.8L (16-Seater) Promo Available ₱ 1,495,000 Get Quote