Subaru Philippines Price List

Most famous for their achievements in rally racing, Subaru offers vehicles that perform as good as they look. They offer the Impreza which starts at P1,268,000 while the WRX versions start at P1,818,000. Look into the Subaru Philippines 2018 price list below and see their other sedans, crossovers and SUV.

Subaru BRZ 2018 Subaru BRZ Body Type: Coupe

Subaru BRZ 2.0 AT ₱ 2,058,000 Get Quote

2019 Subaru Forester Subaru Forester Body Type: Crossover

Subaru Forester 2.0i-L CVT ₱ 1,598,000 Get Quote
Subaru Forester 2.0i-L EyeSight CVT ₱ 1,698,000 Get Quote
Subaru Forester 2.0i-S EyeSight CVT ₱ 1,828,000 Get Quote

Subaru Impreza Front Subaru Impreza Body Type: Sedan

Subaru Impreza 2.0i-S CVT ₱ 1,458,000 Get Quote

Subaru Levorg Front Subaru Levorg Body Type: Station Wagon

Subaru Levorg 1.6 GT-S CVT ₱ 1,888,000 Get Quote
Subaru Levorg 2.0 GT-S CVT with EyeSight ₱ 1,998,000 Get Quote

2018 Subaru Outback Subaru Outback Body Type: Crossover

Subaru Outback 2.5i-S CVT with EyeSight ₱ 2,178,000 Get Quote
Subaru Outback 3.6R-S CVT with EyeSight ₱ 2,408,000 Get Quote

Subaru WRX Front Subaru WRX Body Type: Sedan

Subaru WRX 2.0 CVT with EyeSight ₱ 2,058,000 Get Quote
Subaru WRX 2.0 MT ₱ 1,930,000 Get Quote

Subaru WRX STI Front Subaru WRX STI Body Type: Sedan

Subaru WRX STI 2.5 MT ₱ 2,748,000 Get Quote

Subaru XV Front Subaru XV Body Type: Crossover

Subaru XV 2.0i CVT ₱ 1,418,000 Get Quote
Subaru XV 2.0i-S CVT ₱ 1,618,000 Get Quote
Subaru XV 2.0i-S CVT with EyeSight ₱ 1,668,000 Get Quote