Pros & Cons

Thanks to the powerful diesel engine, the truck is a capable performer which delivers power efficiently. Thanks to the 2.8L diesel engine that the truck can come equipped with. Also, a high point for the vehicle is the addition of multiple technology and safety features in select variants. Handling is also not a chore and is surprising for a midsize pickup. 

Perhaps the seats could use a touch more softness and cushion, but the con is exacerbated by the difficulty in finding a good driving position since the steering wheel doesn’t adjust telescopically. On top of all of this, the 4x4 system, if equipped, lacks a locking differential; which aids in the off-roadability of this pickup. 

What You Will Like
  • Ample power delivered efficiently.
  • Several tech convenient and safety features.
  • Handling is a pleasant surprise.
What You Won't Like
  • Seats need more cushioning.
  • No locking differential.
  • Comfortable driving position is hard to find without the telescopic steering wheel adjustment.

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