Ferrari California 2016


The Ferrari California is the Italian manufacturers attempt at producing a Grand Tourer for every day use. Whilst the vehicle is most definitely reserved for the rich and or famous, it’s clear to see that Ferrari are trying to engineer a vehicle that combines their usual cutting-edge technology with a more heightened sense of comfort and convenience.

Armed with a turbocharged V8 engine, the California T is able to accelerate to 100 km/h in just short of three and a half seconds, whilst its top speed maxes out at 315 km/h. All of the usual razor sharp responsiveness is also there, not to mention the beautifully crafted aerodynamics that give Ferrari’s that distinctive curvaceous look. Whilst some Ferrari ‘purests’ might not give the California the respect it rightfully deserves, several pundits are referring to Ferrari’s latest innovation as a new benchmark for the industry.


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Ferrari California T Semi-Automatic Gasoline PRICE ON REQUEST

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