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AutoDeal predicts high volume sales for Q3 2017

AutoDeal predicts high volume sales for Q3 2017, the Philippines no. 1 online vehicle marketplace, is predicting an increase in vehicle sales during the 3 rd quarter (Q3) of 2017. This is after a heightened car-buyer engagement through the months of May and June.

In particular, new car inquiries on AutoDeal increased by 33.4% from April to May 2017, and then grew a further 23.3% between May and June 2017. Given the average lead to sale conversion is between 45 and 60 days, it is expected that many of these inquiries will mature into final sales throughout the months of July and August.

Given the increased number of inquiries we’re receiving, we’re expecting more positive results for our partners over the next few months. Typically, car-buyers come to AutoDeal during the research phase of the buying cycle and take on average around 1 to 2 months before they finally commit to their purchase. With this in mind, I think our partner dealers can expect a higher sales output than usual over the next few months.

In addition to the increased number of overall inquiries, AutoDeal also noted a 40% increase in customer engagement with promos and special offers, indicating that many users were approaching the final stage of their decision making process.

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