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AutoDeal rewards sales agents with 'Tick it to Win it'

AutoDeal rewards sales agents with 'Tick it to Win it'

Latest update: This activity has been extended to November 5, 2018. 

Last year, AutoDeal made a solid contribution to the local automotive industry, that paved the way for it to becoming the Philippines’ number one car online marketplace. There were around 15,000 cars sold thru the lead generating platform, which essentially meant that cars were sold every day. Figure-wise, yes, that’s easily verifiable through the extended analytics available for the dealers that allow them to gather data from the AutoDeal platform. And, could you  imagine how much more this total number of cars sold be if only every partner sales agent ticked the “Mark as Sold” for all the units that they were able to close through the AutoDeal?

However, truth be told, this very simple step of ticking the box “Mark as Sold” is somehow forgotten often times.  And, so, to be able to reward outstanding sales agents that always remember ticking this box, AutoDeal rolls out its latest incentive campaign “Tick it to Win it”.

Running from September 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018, the marketing drive allows every partner agent to get one raffle entry from each sale that’s marked as sold on the AutoDeal for Agents App or through the AutoDeal Dashboard. The sold unit must be from any lead that was generated through the online car marketplace. Previous sales that weren’t marked as sold yet could still be remitted. For complete show of mechanics, please refer to the image below:

So, what awaits the car sales agents who’d participate in the “Tick it to Win it”? Well, for one, there’s a 50-inch television set that could be taken home as the grand prize. Meanwhile, ten consolation prizes worth P5,000 each would be also surprising and rewarding the winning agents. From watches to speakers, the raffle winners, aside from closing their sales deals, would definitely have these exciting incentives to bag.

The “Tick it to Win it” is not the first time that AutoDeal rewards the partner sales agents. The leading car online marketplace has launched sporadically incentive schemes that give merit to the agents’ hard work. 

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