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Trade-in your car and purchase a new car from MG Marilao

Vehicle Trade-in Details

Estimated Value:


This value range is an estimation only and is used as a guide to set expectations in terms of offer estimations you will receive, although offers can be higher than our estimation for popular and well-maintained vehicles. Final official offer price is given upon inspection.

How It Works

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Get offers on your car for free

Add simple vehicle details and start receiving offers on your used car within hours.

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Compare and choose the best offers

Receive multiple offers from our approved dealer partners and compare prices.

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Book an inspection online

Schedule a vehicle inspection at your home or at the dealership for the final confirmed price.

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Quick and easy payment

Once the final price is agreed and paper work completed, expect payment within 24 hours.

Trade-in Details

Check the estimated value of your car.

Provide us with your vehicle details in step 1 and we will give you an estimated range that your vehicle can sell for depending on the condition. You might think that the price estimation is a bit low compared to similar cars on listing sites, but remember what you see on listing websites is not the final price and the vehicle can be listed for many weeks or months before it is sold. We aim to give you a fair price quickly so that you can sell your car within days.

Vehicle details

Simple vehicle images and condition details are needed, which can then be submitted to our dealer partners to view and bid on your vehicle. Make sure images are good and details are as accurate as possible to help dealers value your car and hopefully get a better price estimation.

Personal details

Provide communication details like phone number and email to create an account, from where you will receive offers on your vehicle and book inspections. We do not reveal your contact details until you decide on which dealer you wish to transact with.

Receiving offers

In your AutoDeal account you will start to receive offer ranges from dealers for your vehicle. Wait for 72 hours to receive bids and then choose which offer estimate you would like to proceed with.

Booking an inspection

Once you have chosen the best offer, book an inspection date and time, either at your own home or at the dealership. Depending on the condition and final inspection of your car, the dealer will give a final offer, which you can accept or decline.

Receive Payment

Once a final agreement is decided upon between yourself and the dealer, the paperwork will be processed by the dealer and then payment made immediately upon completion.

Why Trade-in Your Car With AutoDeal?

Approved Dealer Network

We save you the time hunting around dealers to get the best price.

Get a competitive price

With multiple dealers bidding on your vehicle, you don’t just have to settle for one offer from one dealer.

Sell your car quickly

Cut your vehicle sale time to within 1 week, compared to months with a private sale.

Sell your car for free

It doesn’t cost you anything to sell your car, no hidden costs or fees.

We keep your private details safe

We only provide your contact details to those dealers who you select to transact with.

Avoid the hassle of the private sale

Skip the hassle of receiving and handling many questions and meet ups with random people.

Get you quotes on your next new car

During our digital trade-in process we can also get you multiple quotes on your new car.

Buy and sell from your home

You can sell and purchase your car through a digital process all from the comfort of your home.


How much can I sell my car for?

Well there are many factors to take in consideration from the brand, model, variant, condition, modifications, mileage and how long you are willing to wait to sell the vehicle. Obviously keeping your car in the best possible shape with regular servicing is the way to maximise the car's value. From an online perspective and getting plenty of digital offers you need to provide high quality images and provide detailed car condition information.

How does AutoDeal calculate how much a car is worth?

How long does it take to sell my car via trade-in?

Is it free?

How is this better than selling my car privately?

What paperwork do I need to sell my car?

How is this different to part exchanging my vehicle?