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3 Reviews

Charm is a great agent and has been incredibly helpful during the entire procurement process.

Anonymous, Ford Everest 2.0 Turbo Trend 4x2 AT
Jun 06, 2024

After a long time of communication, I was by the time of our 1st contact in Germany, did Charm arrange everything for us. She even pulled our preferred color Arctic White out of the head. We visited the dealership the very next day after our arrival from Germany and the car, Everest Limited, was ready and waiting for us. Paperwork and handover in a record breaking time of one day. We took the car out for a spin and it felt great. We are going home to La Union tomorrow and I can’t wait to take a drive for several hours in an exiting car.
Thanks to the whole team of FORD SUBIC and specially for the support of Charm.
BR Volker

Volker Wendt, Ford Everest 2.0 Turbo Limited 4x2 AT
Nov 22, 2023

Rocky Bueno, Ford Ranger 2.0 Biturbo Wildtrak 4X4 AT
Jul 24, 2020