Pros & Cons

The first liked feature comes in the form of the 12-inch gauge cluster, which is legible, clear and reconfigurable in a multitude of ways. This screen is a high-resolution piece of kit that is a pleasure to use no matter what mode you find yourself in. Through this panel, you can also control the active exhaust, which is another facet to like about the Mustang. It allows the driver to change between a quiet and loud exhaust sound whenever needed. The Magne-ride suspension is also another big factor that makes this coupe a joy to drive. Finally, the transmission is very quick to respond and shift, making the driving experience engaging even without a clutch pedal.

The Ford Mustang is quite wide, so a blind-spot monitoring system would have come in handy. We like electronically adjusted seats, but the recline in the Mustang is of the manual variety, but the greatest omission of all is the lack of speed-sensing door locks, which should be a must for the price consumers pay for this vehicle.

What You Will Like
  • 12-inch digital gauge cluster
  • Active valve performance exhaust is loud when you want it, quiet when you need it
  • Magneride suspension allows for comfort or performance
  • Transmission upshifts and downshifts quickly
What You Won't Like
  • No blindspot monitoring
  • Mechanical seat recline
  • No speed sensing door locks

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