2019 Ford Mustang Interior & Cargo Space Review

What does it feel like to ride in the saddle of an American-bred V8 pony like the Ford Mustang? Well, let me tell a little something about sitting in the interior of this thoroughbred with 460 horses upfront while the rear wheels buck about like a wild horse. 

This all-American car can deliver the excitement that you would expect from a high horsepower naturally-aspirated V8. For a more encompassing review, check out the full article here. 

What you will like: Footlong all-digital gauge cluster, heated and cooled leather seats with power adjustment for height, tilt, and distance, Sync 3 infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, customizable ambient lighting through Ford MyColor, interesting toggle switches, solid build quality, awesome NVH insulation, 

What you won’t like: Manual seat recline, some parts bin switches, seats may be uncomfortable for wider individuals. 

When it comes to driver and passenger space, the Ford Mustang is wondrous. For the rear passengers, it’s not as great. You can fit only two individuals at the back, but even that is stretching it, especially if you are looking to maximize the space upfront. Like riding two at a time on a horse, the rear is no place to be for a long drive. It’ll do for a short ride in town, but anything longer, groans of disappointment may be heard. 

The front is well embellished. While it’s not an all-out luxury cabin, the amenities contain practical inclusions with some well-liked touches. Switches are responsive and varied in their execution. The most notable being the toggle switches in front of the shift selector, which I am a fan of. 

The leather that Ford has opted to use is not only padded but pliant as well, which makes sitting in the Mustang, a joy. To cap it all off, you get good support for your back as well as good side bolstering that is neither too hard nor too soft. 

Ford Mustang Interior and Cargo Space

Holding the steering wheel of this pony is a treat. It’s big enough to complement the car, but it’s not unwieldy. The unit also comes with a plethora of buttons that can do simple tasks like changing the volume while you drive, to more advanced features like changing the setting on your active valve exhaust for maximum enjoyment. The Mustang button is in charge of this, and it lets you toy with different settings that Ford has generously laden this updated model with. 

Ford Mustang Interior and Cargo Space

You won’t like the manual reclining seats, however, but the good part of this is the ability to quickly make more space for rear passengers to ingress or egress. While most of the exterior and interior is as special as it can be, some of the parts come from other Ford vehicles. Having spent time with a number of them, I can point out which array of buttons comes from another vehicle. This is forgivable given that Ford dabbles in other nameplates apart from the Mustang; it's just good for business. 

To summarize, this Mustang GT is a treat to drive and ride in – provided I’m in the passenger seat. On the highway, it’s stable even at speed, but on the flip side, day-to-day traffic on tattered roads is also bearable all things considered. 

Ford Mustang Interior and Cargo Space

Trunk Volume: 408 liters

For a coupé, the Ford Mustang does a surprisingly respectable job of hauling day-to-day items. While getting your items in the narrow opening and high load lip may be a challenge, but this only leaves bigger items out of the picture. The two-door can accommodate your grocery runs no problem. 

If you find yourself strapped for storage, you can fold the backrests for longer items. A bike can fit at the back with the backrests folded, but this storage space also depends on how far you sit back from the front seat. 

2019 Ford Mustang Interior & Cargo Space Review

Considering the Mustang is quite wide, it makes sense that the cargo area would benefit from this size. The one con that we can point out is that the boot opening is a little narrow and paired with a high load lip that makes fitting bulkier items a challenge. You’d have to angle larger pieces of luggage in such a way that will be accommodated by this small opening. Not to mention the subwoofer located on the passenger side of the trunk that robs some cargo space. 

Overall, its a serviceable boot with a few caveats, but you’re not going to make this car your delivery truck any time soon. 



5.0 L

Fuel Type



460 hp @ 7,000 rpm




Name Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT Premium SelectShift AT Fastback
Body Type Coupe
Price ₱3,638,000
Transmission Category Automatic



Economy & Environment


Safety & Security




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