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4 Reviews

Great service and understanding

Finn Jensen, Isuzu mu-X 3.0 LS-E 4x2 AT
Aug 22, 2023

MJ was courteous and professional every step of the way until I got the unit out of the shop.

I highly recommend MJ as your next agent for Isuzu purchase.

It's a pleasure to deal with MJ. Thank you,

Rabindra Karmakar, Isuzu mu-X 3.0 LS-E 4x4 AT
Aug 06, 2023

So accomodating. Mabilis at mabait kausap si Sir 😊

Angela Montalla, Isuzu D-MAX 3.0 4x2 LS-A AT
May 15, 2022

Easy to deal with. 👌 thank you 😊

Anonymous, Isuzu D-MAX 3.0 4x2 LS-A AT
Mar 27, 2021