Isuzu N-Series 2016

Php 947,000 – 1,389,000

Fit for businesses in the Philippines, the new Isuzu N-Series is a light-duty multi-purpose truck that offers performance, toughness, and functionality. It features a sturdy and durable ladder frame chassis, a rugged undercarriage, and extensive anti-corrosion treatment on the cab and frame.

It’s available in 4 versions. The 4-wheel-units are the NHR with a 3.8 ton capacity and the NKR with a 4.5 ton capacity. Meanwhile, the 6-wheel-units are the NPR with a 6.5 ton capacity and the NQR with a 8.5 ton capacity.

These can then be customized with a wide range of rear body options to meet different business requirements.

Power comes from either a 2.8L 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine (4JB1-TC) or a larger 4.6L unit (4HG1-T) that combines improved fuel consumption with high output and torque.


Variant Name Transmission Fuel Type Price Compare
Isuzu N-Series NHR Tilt Manual Diesel ₱ 947,000
Isuzu N-Series NKR Tilt 55 Manual Diesel ₱ 1,068,000
Isuzu N-Series NKR Tilt 71 Manual Diesel ₱ 1,170,000
Isuzu N-Series NHR Flexi Truck Manual Diesel ₱ 1,200,000
Isuzu N-Series NPR Tilt 71 Manual Diesel ₱ 1,302,000
Isuzu N-Series NQR Tilt 71 Manual Diesel ₱ 1,389,000

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