Isuzu Philippines modern jeepney turnover

Isuzu Philippine Corporation turned over 16 modernized PUVs to Sampol-Bulac-Santa Maria-Meycauyan -Transport Service Cooperative.

Prior to this event, a motorcade was held showcasing the company’s modern PUVS that began in Sampol, passing through Santa Maria and ending at San Jose del Monte Activity Center.

Isuzu modern Jeepney

The modern Isuzu PUVs are assembled using the QKR77 platform with a rear body designed and manufactured by Centro Manufacturing Corporation. These vehicles are class 2 PUVs fitted with air-conditioning system by CoolAire and a side-facing seat configuration. The QKR platform is assembled in the Philippines and is equipped with Euro IV-compliant 4JH1-TC diesel engines. For the unfamiliar, this QKR platform is Isuzu's newest platform for its light trucks. It features the front cabin of the Isuzu Elf which most people are more familiar with. 

Isuzu prides itself in its “PUV-X” program, which has a 10-point advantage system.

  1. Proven reliability
  2. A network of truck body builders
  3. Accredited accessories suppliers
  4. 3 years or 150,000kms warranty
  5. Nationwide dealership network
  6. Expert truck executives to help customers
  7. Nationwide parts availability
  8. Driver’s and mechanics training
  9. Extensive fleet management system
  10. All around customer assistance

On the other hand, the Sampol-Bulac-Santa Maria-Meycauyan -Transport Service Cooperative is a well-established entity in Bulacan that operates over 600 jeepneys. Its acquisition of Isuzu Modern PUVs will provide transport to its riding public. This acquisition will also benefit the cooperative in the benefits that the PUV-X program has in terms of aftersales.

The 16 modern PUVs that the cooperative is now using are the latest additions in support of the government’s efforts to modernize all PUVs by June 2020, as embodied in the PUV modernization program.

The modern Isuzu PUVs features a modern cabin that adheres to the Philippine National Standards for modern Jeepneys. The cabin is tall enough so that passengers can easily walk around the vehicle without the need to crouch over inside the vehicle. The main door for passengers is also located on the right side of the vehicle. This allows passengers to easily enter and exit the vehicle. It features panoramic windows as well as provisions for persons with disabilities.

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