Foton F-Jeepney

Foton PH wants to strengthen its support for the government’s PUV modernization program. The commercial vehicle brand recently launched its modern F-Jeepney during a DoTr and LTFRB sponsored caravan event called “ Pagbabago Tungo sa Kaunlaran.” The modern Jeep that Foton showcased is powered by a Euro-4 Cummins diesel engine. This makes it more environmentally friendly compared to conventional but old jeepneys. It complies with the current guidelines given by the Philippine National Standards on modern public utility vehicles.

The F-Jeep launched today is a strong manifestation of the collaborative effort of private and public partners in the implementation of the PUV Modernization Program. We intended to push this program as far and as fast as possible, and that won’t happen without the support of all the stakeholders
F-Jeepney Interior

The F-Jeepney also has modern touches to it like GPS navigation, a CCTV camera, a dash-cam, Wifi, and an entertainment system. A Beep card system is also integrated into the vehicle’s payment scheme. This makes it easier for passengers to pay without the need for cash on hand, making the F-Jeepy a modern example of what a PUV should be. For seating the F-Jeepney comes with stainless fixed bench seats that can hold up to 24 passengers. This configuration allows for 16 passengers sitting while allowing for eight people to stand up.

Foton Philippines understands the importance of being able to move a large number of people reliably, safely as well as with care for the environment. And from this, we see the role of the F-Jeepney as a workhorse and multi-functional partner for the growing number of PUV operators in the country

If you want to check out the Foton F-Jeepney, it will be on display nationwide for one day each in some 32 cities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Foton’s support for Jeepney modernization does not stop here. It already has turned over its modern PUVs to transport cooperatives in provinces like Cainta, Rizal, and Pampanga. The future of modern public transport is getting closer to becoming a reality thanks to companies like Foton who are pushing for PUV modernization.

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