BMW 7-Series 2016


The all-new BMW 7 series represents the brand's vision of delivering the future now. It’s full of innovations in design, function, and comfort that sets a new standard for luxury.

The most distinguishable difference of the new 7 series would be the BMW Laserlight and the chrome strip that runs along the edge of the vehicle, starting from the front bumper. Doorhandles were slightly moved and now incorporated to the body line. The 740Li and 750Li are fitted with 19-inch and 20-inch light alloy wheels respectively.

The new Display Key would get you inside, as well as inform you the status of your vehicle. It has an LCD screen that lets you control the vehicle's central locking system, windows, glass roof, show the fuel remaining and any service notifications.

Inside, you would be greeted by leather trims, American Oak element pieces, and full leather surface on the instrument panel. It also has a new Gesture Control System which let's you control the vehicle's communication and entertainment with hand gestures. Above is a two section Panorama glass roof with an opening front section. The 750Li has added flair with Sky Lounge Panorama that spread the LED from the side evenly across the whole glass pane. For audio, the 740Li comes standard with a Harman Kardon surround system while Bowers & Wilkins took care of the 750Li's audio needs.

The 740Li has a 6-cylinder, TwinPower turbo engine capable of 326 hp with 450 Nm of torque while the 750Li runs on a V8 unit with TwinPower turbo that produces 450 hp with 650 Nm of torque. Executive Drive Pro comes standard with the 750Li (optional for 740Li) which works with the vehicle's 2-axle suspension and Dynamic Damper Control for better comfort on the road. All 7-series variants utilize the new Carbon Core body, made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. It reduced the weight of the vehicle by 130kg while maintaining the strength of the frame.


Variant Name Transmission Fuel Type Price Compare
BMW 7-Series 750Li xDrive Automatic Gasoline PRICE ON REQUEST
BMW 7-Series 750Li Automatic Gasoline PRICE ON REQUEST
BMW 7-Series 730d Automatic Diesel PRICE ON REQUEST

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