In the world of mobility and connectivity, high-speed internet connection is a must and a major advantage. BMW completely understands this philosophy and applied it to their vehicles via BMW ConnectedDrive using a built-in eSIM.

Unlike conventional SIM cards, the eSIM can be reconfigured, if needed, without being replaced. This enables the car to become a Wi-Fi hotspot that lets everyone inside the car connect (password protected) without using their own sim. Moreover, its high-speed LTE connection will let users enjoy browsing at the comfort of their seats.

Aside from browsing, internet connection can also be used in a number of ways that can benefit the driver. The use of navigation apps will be optimized, as well as other services for music such as Spotify or Apple Music. This is great for entertainment during long drives.

Furthermore, a third-party app called SmartHome from Deutsche Telekom (local telecommunications provider in Germany) allows the users to control functions in their homes remotely while inside the car. Using their smartphones or the iDrive controller of the beamer, they will be able to switch their lights on or adjust the temperature before they reach the premises of their house.

Although this Wi-Fi hotspot system has been integrated in the 7-series models last year, they make it available in other BMW models starting this July 2016. They are also planning to integrate this system into their motorcycles called eCall system by 2017.

The question now is, when will this technology be locally available? Considering our (slowly) rising standards in connectivity, it will be a wonderful treat for motorists and car buyers if this will be available in their cars in the future.

For more information about BMW and its vehicles, visit the AutoDeal Brands page.

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