M5 Touring Teaser

Right before the holidays, BMW M gave us something to look forward to for the new year with a series of teasers of the upcoming M5 Touring. Camouflaged in a festive M-themed gift wrapper and parked next to a Christmas tree, BMW’s adverts give us a good look at the new generation of the high-performance Beemer.

Just to get it out of the way, the M5 Touring closely resembles the M5 Sedan up front albeit with an extended rear end for additional cargo space. Unlike, the M3, M4, and XM models, the M5 and its wagon counterpart do not feature the oversized kidney grilles found in the current generation of BMW’s M cars. For those who are still growing accustomed to the larger grille, this may be a sight for sore eyes. At the back, the M5 Touring’s rear end might remind some of the M2 but, overall, the M5 retains a closer resemblance to the classic 5-Series design.

Even more good news, the M5 Sedan and M5 Touring won’t be powered by a straight-six, instead, these two models will retain BMW’s reliable turbocharged V8. Roaring under the hood of these two cars is a twin-turbo 4.4-liter engine. However, the eight-cylinder powerhouse will be coupled with an electric motor. This plug-in hybrid configuration is anticipated to generate a combined output exceeding 700 hp. Considering that the range-topping M5 CS of the previous generation pumped out 627 hp, it’s safe to assume that this new powertrain will make the new M5 faster and quicker than ever.

Despite this new teaser, don’t expect the M5 Touring to be coming any time soon, BMW has yet to unveil the standard 5-Series Touring after all. The standard wagon is set to be revealed early in 2024, alongside the introduction of the fully electric i5, which includes the i5 M60 variant. Meanwhile, the debut of the M5 Touring is scheduled for later in the same year. The 3-Series Touring entered the Philippine market back in June 2023, four years since it was first unveiled in 2019. If ever SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp. brings the 5-Series Touring here, it might follow the same timeframe as the 3-Series Touring.

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