FAW Multicarry 1.0 2016

Php 350,000 – 465,000

The Multicarry is FAW’s contender in the competitive light truck market. With ample ground clearance of 156 mm, a capable 1.0-liter, 4-cylinder, gasoline engine, and a flexible chassis, the Multicarry can adapt to the needs of any user. It’s designed to be the capable workhorse, able to perform transport and delivery duties with ease.

Outfitted with fog lamps for added visibility and safety in dark and rainy conditions, the Multicarry is fully configurable. The standard Drop-side configuration boasts a cargo bed size of 2,453 mm x 1,400 mm, suitable for light hauling of goods. Carrying more passengers is also an option with its “Jeepney” configuration, allowing for a closed cab and bench type seating, suitable for shuttle services. For more cargo capacity, the Closed Van variant is also available, making the Multicarry a viable option for delivery services. Lastly, a Police service variant is also offered with open seating, together with placement for lights and sirens, making the Multicarry suitable as an emergency response vehicle.


Variant Name Transmission Fuel Type Price Compare
FAW Multicarry 1.0 Dropside Manual ₱ 350,000
FAW Multicarry 1.0 Aluminum Body Manual ₱ 440,000
FAW Multicarry 1.0 Panoramic Body Manual ₱ 450,000
FAW Multicarry 1.0 SWAT Manual ₱ 465,000

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