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AutoDeal begins highlighting dealers with quick response times.

AutoDeal begins highlighting dealers with quick response times.

In an effort to further improve the online car buying experience, starting this week (February 1, 2016) we have implemented a new feature which will highlight, and bring to the forefront those dealers that have the fastest customer response rates.

Those dealers that are able to respond to 100% of inquiries within three (3) hours of the working day will now be awarded with a blue response time badge that will be indicated in several areas of AutoDeal, including on the corresponding dealers microsite.

As a means to maintain the badge, sales agents must continue to keep their average response times faster than the three hour requirement. In the event that response times lapse, the badge will automatically get removed. The response time badge program is exclusively for those dealers using the AutoDeal Lead Management System. Dealers with the fastest (and highest quality) response rates will be accredited with the new coveted title of AutoDeal Dealer of the Year later in 2016.

Over the next couple of months, dealers with the response time badge will begin to get increased exposure on AutoDeal and as a result will likely begin to accumulate more leads from prospective car-buyers.

This feature has been introduced to AutoDeal as a means to continue improving the online car buying environment for Filipino’s and to further our promise of “Car Buying, Simplified.”

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