Download the AutoDeal Insights (Vol. XIV) | 2023 H1 Insights. Download Now to make car dealers more successful online through launch of new sales managers app. to make car dealers more successful online through launch of new sales managers app., the Philippines’ number one online automotive marketplace, plans to make digital sales more efficient for car brands and dealerships through the launch of its new AutoDeal for Managers mobile application.

The app, available on both Android and iOS, aims to bring automotive companies closer to their performance data in a bid to make their online lead generation practices more efficient and successful. 

The features of the app will enable clients with manager-level permissions to conveniently access key performance data such as lead volume, sales conversion, and team member performance figures. Managers will also receive app notifications when specific prospects become “hot leads,” so that if need be, special help or assistance can be provided to heighten customer service and push sales across the line.

The AutoDeal for Managers app accommodates users at all levels of management throughout the automotive industry—whether it’s at the OEM/importer, dealership group, or individual showroom level.

“Our goal is to connect companies of all sizes with key performance data to help increase the efficiency of their digital sales efforts. Given the challenging nature of the current economy, profitability obtained through lower cost per sales should be important to all industry stakeholders as part of their profitability efforts. We believe that reducing internal data disconnects and helping key decision makers review data on the digital customer journey will help generate even better internal practices that will not only be economically beneficial to the car industry but will elevate experiences for consumers.”

AutoDeal’s new managers app fully integrates with its SirQo third-party lead management product, which means that partners who are signed up for this service will also be able to manage their own website and social media leads through the application.

Multi-Branded Dealers: No need for multiple log-ins.

AutoDeal Manager's App Promoter Swticher

Over the last seven years, AutoDeal has taken constant feedback from its partners to aid in the development of its products. One of the most frequently asked for offerings was to enable management teams who have a multi-branded dealership network to have a unified log-in where they can easily switch.

Team performance, at your fingertips.

AutoDeal Manager's App Team Performance

It’s no secret that AutoDeal is home to some of the best sales agents in the industry. Through the new manager's app, both brands and dealer management teams will be able to identify the performance of their salespeople without having to sit down at their computer.

Agents can be sorted by the dealership and ranked based on key performance metrics like sales volume, conversion rate, and response time. They’ll also be able to see the wide array of customer feedback that flows through the AutoDeal system on a daily basis.

Keeping managers informed on key events.

AutoDeal Manager's App Notifications

It’s not uncommon for dealerships to have opportunities slip through their fingers at the very last minute. With a new comprehensive notification system, managers will know when there are leads that have gone unanswered, when a prospect becomes a red hot lead, and when agents close sales.

The AutoDeal for Managers app is a free addition for all AutoDeal partner brands and dealerships and is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting said partners the best way possible. The Managers app follows a series of analytics updates and its revised AutoDeal for Agents application which launched in March 2020.

“By providing our partners with the right tools, we aim to make them more successful as their time with us progresses. Since we have a very symbiotic relationship with our partners, we’re committed to helping them achieve more. This has always been a fundamental part of our business model and is a factor that has helped us to continue driving growth year-on-year.” Added AutoDeal Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Daniel Mark Scott.

The AutoDeal for Managers application is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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