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AutoDeal finishes Q1 2017 with 29% growth

AutoDeal finishes Q1 2017 with 29% growth

Thanks to another impressive performance from the team, AutoDeal is happy to report a 29% audience increase for the 1st quarter (Q1) of 2017. In particular, AutoDeal has grown its total website visits from 3.6 million in Q4 2016 to 4.7 million in Q1 2017. 

Customer inquiries (leads) also went up by 23% as more prospective car-buyers opt for the convenience of using AutoDeal to shop for vehicles and connect with the largest network of legitimate dealers and agents.

To date, AutoDeal has 350 partner dealers across the country. 43% of whom are now servicing customers within 24 hours thanks to the adoption of the AutoDeal lead-management system. The said system enabled dealers to better manage the customer service standards, conversion rates, and response times of front liners. 

Moreover, 10% of AutoDeal partner dealers now service customers within 3 hours, while 5% are able to answer requests for financing quotations within 1 hour. In Q1 2017, the average response times of all AutoDeal partners have improved by 18%, which further pushes our objective of enhancing the online experience of potential car-buyers.

According to, is now one of the largest car buying portals in the ASEAN region. It ranks second in total website visits to Thailand’s One2Car, a website part of the iCar Asia Network. 

As one of the youngest car-buying portals in the region, we’re very satisfied with our current comparative size to other portals in ASEAN. This is true testament to how important digital e-commerce is for not only the local automotive industry, but for all consumer-focused industries in the Philippines,” stated AutoDeal co-founder Daniel M. Scott.

AutoDeal foresees further growth in 2nd quarter as the volume of buyers using the website continues to soar in both new and used car verticals.

Sales across AutoDeal are continuing to grow, with a 26% increase in verified transactions occurring from January to March 2017. Given the buying trends we plotted in 2016, we forecast this growth to continue well into the 3rd quarter,” added Scott.

AutoDeal was founded in 2014 with the goal of helping car-buyers to compare new vehicles, find promos, and connect with official dealers. Since then, the platform has extended its functionality with a comprehensive lead-management system and smartphone application to help sales agents manage their leads. In August 2016, AutoDeal launched its used-car vertical to extend services into the second-hand market and to further assist transactions throughout the lifecycle of a vehicle.

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