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AutoDeal introduces its Clearance Sale Feature for consumers and dealers

AutoDeal introduces its Clearance Sale Feature for consumers and dealers

AutoDeal is proud to launch its new website functionality, the Clearance Sale Feature. Though this new development, dealers and brands can list down and advertise older model-year vehicles that can be had at more affordable prices. Units are ready at their respective dealerships and can be bought online through AutoDeal. 

Consumers looking for an older model or on the hunt for a deal should have a look at the website’s clearance section, which will be updated on a regular basis depending on the stocks on hand from partner brands on 

Stocks of these older models or discontinued variants can be brand new old stock, demo units, or even showroom display units. Essentially most models should be like new, maintained, or kept in storage just waiting for the right buyer. 

With this new feature, we hope to simultaneously help consumers find brilliant bargains while at the same time providing a useful service for our partners to quickly off-hand aging units.

With this new clearance feature, it’s a win-win situation for both the brands and the buyers. Instead of the information being relegated to a limited area, brands can add listings that reach further, and consumers can be informed about the best deals and where they need to go in order to make a purchase at the best possible price at a glance, even if it is a non-current model year. 

Seamless integration

Buy Online and Pay Online

This new section in our website works in tandem with our Buy Online to give consumers a seamless experience in looking for the best deals and the best automobiles online. Stocks on offer are dealership-dependent, which means they are on-hand, but the deal is exclusive to the dealership with the clearance sale unit. 

On top of buying and reserving your unit online, consumers are assured of secure and refundable payment methods through any one of our payment channels, however, like in our promos section, deals can only be had for a limited time or while stocks last. 

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