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AutoDeal releases Sales Agent Feedback to gauge customer satisfaction

AutoDeal releases Sales Agent Feedback to gauge customer satisfaction

By now, you may have come to realize that AutoDeal is not just about creating in-roads to connect with car dealers, but to revolutionize and vastly improve the experience of online buyers through the continued development of technology tools for sellers and buyers alike.

As a result of our continued commitment to improve the car-buying experience, we recently began the process of providing customers with the ability to rate their sales agent upon the completion of their purchase. These scores will be accumulates in AutoDeal and be reported back to the dealers as an important sales satisfaction metric which for the meantime, will only be visible to the sales agent and managers of each respective dealer.

The process begins when the sales agent uses the Set as Sold function in the AutoDeal for Agents mobile app (available in Google Play and the App Store for all participating AutoDeal members). Once the sales data is remitted, the customer will receive a notification to opt into reviewing the agent.

For now, the review process consists of the customer using a standard five star rating system to provide feedback for their assigned agent on AutoDeal, together with the option to post comments. In exchange for their feedback, the customer can request from one of a few AutoDeal freebies.

“Our new buyer feedback function represents AutoDeal’s continued commitment to deliver the promise of ‘Car Buying, Simplified.’ Our dealership partners share our vision in providing the best service for online buyers and with this, we take customer satisfaction incredibly seriously,” stated AutoDeal Chief Executive Officer Daniel M. Scott.

The provision of customer feedback scores enables us to directly report back to dealership managers any concerns that customers might be having to create further levels of accountability,” he added.

The buyer feedback function was launched this February and is set for further enhancements in the upcoming months. This feature, combined with AutoDeal’s firm commitment in measuring agent response time and sales closure ratios, furthers the company’s vision in providing the best customer experience for online car-buyers.

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