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AutoDeal’s new user reviews provide validated feedback from real-world car buyers.

AutoDeal’s new user reviews provide validated feedback from real-world car buyers.

I’m happy to announce the recent addition of customer-generated reviews on the AutoDeal platform. Through the introduction of this new feature, we aim to further our position as the Philippines no.1. online automotive marketplace while at the same time becoming the leading resource for prospective buyers to learn about ownership experiences. 

The feature is accumulating new reviews on a daily basis; utilizing our database of confirmed purchases that have been made from inquiries generated on the platform.

Verified Buyers.

Verified Buyers

One of the biggest issues with user-generated reviews is that they are often very difficult to validate. Across the world, review sites have been fraudulently used to falsely praise a specific brand or negatively criticize a competitor. In more recent times, Google’s strong favor towards user-generated content has led website managers to fabricate reviews just as a means of bolstering their search engine optimization efforts.

Our verified buyers' declaration protects consumers from being exposed to fraudulent reviews. In order for a review to be tagged as being verified, there must be proof of a purchase being made. In most cases, we utilize our on-platform data of purchase made on As such we have a two-point validation system whereby both the dealer and customer acknowledge that a purchase has taken place. It’s then at regular intervals after a purchase that we use automated processes to survey the customer and find out what they think of their purchase.

Leading Insights on Long Term Customer Satisfaction.

Leading Insights for Car Brands

The goal that we’re working towards as an organization is to help consumers by giving them a better understanding of what they can expect after they purchase a specific vehicle. Unlike other surveys, we aim to make our reviews a repetitive process, regularly checking in with consumers at different time intervals to get feedback on their long-term satisfaction with a specific vehicle or brand; this will take numerous factors into consideration including long term durability and servicing satisfaction. 

Given the volume of transactions being made on the AutoDeal platform; our goal is to not only have the best information on the vehicles themselves, but to also be the best destination for consumers to understand all angles of the ownership experience.

Vital Data for Brands.

Vital Data for Brands

By taking charge of a long-term review process we hope to provide to our partner brands and dealers with valuable data on customer satisfaction throughout a customer's life-cycle to help them identify where they’re doing well, and where consumers would like to see improvements.

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