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Bridging the Information Gap

Bridging the Information Gap

By measure, this was a goliath task as the newest addition to our service contains approximately 40,000 fields of data, 3,000 images and info on more than 1,000 car variants. Early mornings, late nights and self-inflicted coffee addiction are just a few of the things that stick out in our minds when we reminisce about the month of July. Moving forward, we’re happy to announce that we have a new feature that our whole team is proud of and which serves as a new starting point to help connect Filipino’s with their next vehicle.

So what does the launch of this new section really mean for our users and for our clients?

First off, the initial benefits for potential car buyers is the quantity of descriptive and informative content that this new and exciting section of our website provides; we list everything from local vehicle prices, to in-depth technical specifications and vehicle model descriptions. As many people are aware, research is an important stage in the car buying process and we wanted to provide users with the best source of information in one central location. Aside from that, the integration between our car guide and our deals section allows users to be notified if a vehicle they have searched for has a specific promotion or financial package related to it - because this is sometimes the final push which is required to turn a prospective buyer into a customer. 

In addition, we also provide a variety of ways for a prospective buyer to request more information on a specific vehicle directly from their closest dealership, without having to visit in person. Here is an outline of just a few features that we have initially introduced to bridge the information gap between corporate sellers and consumers.

Lead Generation

Creating a centralised portal where users could review information and then connect with dealers has always been a particular interest of ours. As a result we have paved several in-roads for prospective buyers to connect or search for their closest dealership. 

i. Our Send Inquiry function, enables users to ask a specific question or request specific information from their closest dealership. Once this request has been sent, it passes through our anti-SPAM process and gets forwarded directly to the users closest dealership. 

ii. Test Driving a vehicle is probably one of the most important event in the car-buying cycle. As a result our Book a Test Drive has been introduced to provide a hassle free scheduling service.

iii. The Participating Dealerships list reflects the dealerships nationwide that stock a particular vehicle. Users can look up a dealership phone number and location or even call directly to the showroom from a smart phone device. 

All of this user engagement is tracked and reported back to clients in detailed reports, allowing dealers to be made aware of key performance metrics based on buyers interests in specific vehicles. 

2. Model Specific Mailing Lists

Above the footer in every car model and variant page, we provide the means for users to subscribe for updates on a specific vehicle. This function allows us to develop lists of prospective buyers who are interested in a specific vehicle and wish to be notified when a new promotion or financial package released. At the same time, we provide clients with a notification based on the number of users who are subscribed to specific vehicles as a means of highlighting the demand for promotions on specific vehicles. Through this functionality, we are able to create a clear path of communication between a pool of consumers and vehicle principals. 

3. Deal - Car Guide Integration

As buyers are viewing our Car Guide, we provide clear notification if an existing ‘deal’ is included on their vehicle of choice. Through this integration between the Deals section and the Car Guide, we are able to provide users with timely and relevant information as well as increasing the likelihood of creating leads for this specific vehicle.

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