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Ford Global City is 2018 AutoDeal Dealer of the Year

Ford Global City is 2018 AutoDeal Dealer of the Year

The AutoDeal Dealer of the Year recognizes dealerships with the best aggregated Reply Speed (40%), Sales Conversion (40%), and Customer Feedback (20%). Scores are based on aggregated performance of its entire digital sales team and they are evaluated through the AutoDeal platform.

For 2018, AutoDeal picked only one (1) from its over 300+ partner dealers nationwide and Ford Global City, under the Autohub Group of Companies, has stood out for its outstanding performance on their digital customer service and closing online sales.

All its agents maintained a 90-minute reply speed average for 2018. This, with their impeccable customer service, allowed them to successfully close 147 sales last year (2017) – more than any other partner dealer on AutoDeal. Their 4.69% conversion rate is also backed up by 64 perfect five-star customer reviews for their dealership.

L-R: Richie Xavier, Christopher Franks, Jennifer Asebias, Daniel Scott, Fiel Tan, Owee Cruz, Danny C

Ford Global City has received the 2018 AutoDeal Dealer of the Year Trophy and last April 10, AutoDeal held a simple celebration in its dealership itself. Also, coinciding the Dealer of the Year, the sales agent from the same dealership also won the 2018 AutoDeal Sales Agent of the Year which is Jennifer Asebias. She also received her trophy and 4D3N Trip to Taiwan.

Present in the celebration were Mr. Richie Xavier, General Sales Manager of Ford Global City; Mr. Danny Chua, Senior Vice President for Operations, Autohub Group; Ms. Owee Cruz, Vice President for PR and Marketing of Autohub Group; and Mr. Christopher Franks and Mr. Daniel Scott, Founders of AutoDeal. 

“It’s really a rare chance a dealer gets to partner with a platform like AutoDeal. I’m really grateful that AutoDeal has been with us since 2015 which is four years out of the 20 years of Autohub. This year (at Autohub) we’re celebrating ‘Aim Up, Autohub’ and we’d like to reiterate customer satisfaction because at this point, it’s not about the sales, it’s all about how you build relationship with the clients and converting it into sales. Thank you for all the help that you’ve given us, for the magnificent number of sales, for having our top notch sales agent and having our Ford Global City as Dealer of the Year in AutoDeal."
Ford Global City is 2018 AutoDeal Dealer of the Yea


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