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An on-going evaluation of Customer Service

An on-going evaluation of Customer Service

Imagine the picture, you’ve been driving around in a fifteen year old second hand vehicle for as long as you can remember; day by day you can feel the deterioration worsen. Accepting facts you finally convince yourself that you’re at the point in your life where you can make that jump to get your first brand new car. 

The problem? Time: that ever so valuable commodity. 

Finding time to commute to a showroom, to research a vehicle and negotiate a financing plan that suits you is not something that is easily achievable within your one hour lunch break. Luckily, this is one of the major areas of the buying cycle that is trying to address by providing prospective buyers with a growing amount of information and providing a multi-platform web service for individuals to connect with local car dealers at their convenience; whether it be on their laptop, smartphone or tablet.

But the service doesn’t end there. Introducing more channels for buyers to reach sellers means that we have an invested interest in making sure that buyers get the best possible service and that dealerships know how to best cope and respond to digital sales leads. For this reason, starting September 2014, our team will be performing on-going evaluations of user-feedback as a means of highlighting customer service satisfaction, improving response times and helping to create a better digital buying environment.

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