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How Does AutoDeal Assure That It’s Sales Agents are Legit?

How Does AutoDeal Assure That It’s Sales Agents are Legit?

As many of you now know, shopping for a brand new car on AutoDeal is a lot simpler than the outdated ways of shopping on traditional classifieds websites. 

Aside from the fact that classifieds make you scroll through page after page of the same vehicle advertised multiple times by different (and sometimes dubious) sales agents, there’s one very simple thing that separates AutoDeal from the competition. Transparency.

See, at AutoDeal we don’t open our platform up to just anyone. We have unique professional relationships with vehicle manufacturers and dealership networks across the entire country. Quite simply, sales agents can’t post ads and they don’t even need to, as we help connect them with hundreds of new prospects every single day without them having to add any “click and bait” listing content. 

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t hold anything against classifieds. They're great if you want to buy a hair clip, a tambourine, or a three month old shih tzu puppy. When you’re investing in a product that costs hundreds of thousands of pesos, then you not only want to visit a website that has all the buying tools but you want to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate dealership representative who knows what they're talking about.

So how do we do it? How do we protect buyers from dishonest agents/sellers? It’s quite simple.


Every sales agent with an AutoDeal account is using it because either his manufacturer or dealership are engaged as an AutoDeal partner. All agents are accountable for their actions on AutoDeal to their sales managers and (in some cases) even all the way up to corporate sales planning at head-office. Not only does it mean that agents need to mind their manners, but it’s also part of AutoDeal’s ongoing commitment to help car brands improve the way they interact with customers online.


Customer inquiries are stored centrally within a dealership dashboard and then shared among the sales agents that are part of the dealer account. Some accounts have just one sales agent and some have dozens. So you don’t need to worry about agents running off with you’re info when they resign from their dealers.

Nothing is Free

Over the last number of years many local classifieds have scaled their growth on a ‘free-listing’ strategy, meaning that quite literally any Juan can post an ad. AutoDeal’s services are extended to manufacturers and dealers as enterprise level tool and as a result many of our dealers choose to submit only their best agents to our platform. The result is a more committed work force on the end of your inquiry rather than someone who only checks his email twice a month.

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