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Introducing AutoDeal's Dealer Virtual Showrooms.

Introducing AutoDeal's Dealer Virtual Showrooms.

As the web continues to play an increasingly important role in customer acquisition, the need for individual car dealers to stand-out becomes ever more crucial. 

AutoDeal recently launched its Partner Dealer Page and Virtual Showroom in an effort to help dealers separate themselves from the herd. Basic features are available for every dealer who is part of a manufacturer subscription while the advanced additional lead generation features are available for our Dealer Partner+ clients.

Here’s a quick run through of what you can now do as an AutoDeal Partner Dealer.

The Basics - Dealer Profile (For All Partner Dealers)

Building out your Dealer Profile will help inform AutoDeal car buyers about the basics associated with your dealership. From this area, you can upload photos of your showroom, advertise your opening hours, phone numbers, website, and social media accounts and make basic changes to what vehicles you want to feature in your Virtual Showroom.

Stock & Inventory (For Partner+ Dealers)

Tracking down a specific variant of vehicle, or a specific color can often be a tiring chore for potential car-buyers. As an AutoDeal Partner+ Dealer, you will get the opportunity to publish information related to the vehicles you have in stock. This way, AutoDeal can help connect you with customers who are looking for that particular vehicle in that specific shade.

Dealer Promos (For Partner+ Dealers)

Advertise offerings unique to your dealership on your AutoDeal Virtual Showroom. Whether it be sales or aftersales, we’ll help advertise what’s unique to your dealership and help draw in more potential customers.

Retail Financing Leads (For Partner+ Dealers)

If you’re looking to boost the volume of retail auto loan applications, the new Get A Loan tab will help drive more customers to begin their car buying journey with your dealership. Get A Loan leads also provide additional customer information to help your team better pre-assess if the customer is qualified or not for their loan.

Interested in becoming an AutoDeal Partner+ Dealer? Request further information and register here.

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