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Introducing our Car Comparison Tool.

Introducing our Car Comparison Tool.

With that said; is very happy to announce the launch of it’s Dynamic Car Comparison Tool, which not only compares more than 40,000 fields of data across 900 or so different vehicles, but actually translates the information into a format that individuals other than petrol-heads can understand. To our knowledge, there’s no other car comparison tool with this same kind of functionality in the Philippines or South-East Asia.

Up until now, the trap that many automotive marketing websites have fallen into is to misconceive that all car-buyers are essentially car-enthusiasts; discounting the tens of thousands of consumers that aren’t necessarily clued up on the latest motoring jargon. With our comparison tool, we wanted to make things more convenient and easier to understand for everyday prospective buyers, which is why our fantastically talented design and development team focussed so heavily on how to interpret the data and provide some clear descriptive summaries.

Take for example if we’re comparing the Ford Focus Hatchback 1.6L Ambiente vs. the Mazda 3 SkyActive V Hatchback. In the comparison results, you’ll notice that we clearly indicate the better performing data with a different shade of color and after every section, we provide a summary which state things like the “Ford Focus 1.6L Ambiente has a higher top speed” and that the “Mazda 3 SkyActive V is more fuel efficient”. The reason for this is because not every consumer necessarily understands the meaning of terms such as ‘torque’ or may not be able to fathom the importance of features like ABS or judge the definitive difference in fuel economy values.

The Car Comparison Tool is an extension of our Car Buyers Guide, which we launched just a few months ago and can compare any vehicle available to buy in the Philippines. It took over six months to develop after standardising more than 40,000 fields of data into the same data format.

For the buyers, it provides another source of reliable and timely information. For the local automotive industry, it provides yet another form of lead generation for sales agents and dealers across the country thanks to it’s integrated inquiry forms. Moreover the data which will be generated through this tool will indicate which vehicles are being most frequently compared; which will be provided as open source white label data to our clients and the industry as a whole.

Some of our top comparisons by users in the last few weeks include the Toyota Wigo vs. Mitsubishi Mirage, the Ford EcoSport vs. Kia Sportage and the Nissan Navara vs. the Isuzu D-Max.

Want to take a look yourselves, jump in via our Car Buyers Guide or drop straight into the comparison tool.

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