safest hatchbacks P1 million

Safest hatchbacks under P1 million

We previously checked the safest small cars under P600,000. How about those beyond this mark?

best car for you

What kind of car is right for you?

Being a car-buyer, you should lean on the idea of practicality in purchasing a car. While this applies for most people, others may forget to evaluate how a certain car will fit their lifestyle. Realizing this, we came up with a list of cars according to different lifestyle preferences to narrow down your scope.

4 mistakes people do before buying their first car

4 mistakes people do before buying their first car

Owning a car isn’t something that should be decided in a snap. It’s a huge investment that costs some hard-earned cash and should be well-thought of. However, some people still push through with their purchase without thinking twice, or even thrice.

Car Promo

What’s the best kind of car promo for you?

AutoDeal is driven to showcase the wide variety of vehicles promos from multiple car brands and dealers across the Philippines. We offer such promos in order to give car-buyers that feeling of scoring “a good deal.”

Driving habits that boost your car’s fuel efficiency

Driving habits that boost your car’s fuel efficiency

Cars have their own fuel efficiency rating, which means they are designed to consume an amount of fuel for every kilometer traveled. However, there are driving habits that you can do (or avoid) in order to boost your car’s fuel efficiency.

Air Filter

When do you need to change your air filter?

Air filter makes sure that the air that enters your car’s engine is clean and free from debris. However, just like any other parts of the car, it gets dirty over time and needs to be replaced. This brings us to the question: When do you really need to change your car’s air filter?