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Is Your Dealership Fast Enough?

Is Your Dealership Fast Enough?

As more dealers compete online, the subject of good customer service through digital channels continues to grow increasingly important. As such, internal reviews of online performance are becoming more common as dealers and automotive brands undergo efforts to continuously improve their lead to sale conversions.

With this increased focus, AutoDeal has recorded that the average response time of all dealers using the Lead-Management System has improved by 38% over the first half of 2017.

In addition to the overall improvement across AutoDeal’s network of partner dealers (which today encapsulates more than 350 brick and mortar car dealers across the Philippines), AutoDeal has further noted that its top 100 dealers now respond within 15 hours or less while its top 50 dealers respond within 6 hours.

“Response time is the logical first step to improving conversion rates. Many of our partners are already acknowledging much better sales results when they make significant improvements to their response rates,” stated AutoDeal CEO Daniel M. Scott.

“In addition to improving response rates, their increased engagement in our tools is also helping to identify a massive increase in overall sales,” added Scott.

“Response time is the logical first step to improving conversion rates."

AutoDeal foresees continued improvement throughout the year, as more multi-brand dealer group and vehicle importers focus in on the actualized business achieved through their digital lead generation campaigns.

In addition to the 38% improvement in response time, AutoDeal has also tracked a 72% increase in monthly sales over the last six months. Coincidence? 

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