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When the US Military began to conceptualize a four-wheel driven light vehicles for World War 2, it has to be sturdy, reliable, and multi-functional to be used for many purposes. Born with these requirements in mind, the Willys MA rolled out of the assembly line and have served the US soldiers in so many ways, thanks to the permanent all-wheel drivetrain, light, durable, and versatile for the many purposes it demands for it. Soon demand grew for the public to own a civilian version that’s similarly capable for the great outdoors under the Jeep brand.

The brand’s simple “Jeep” name had many stories on how it originated. Some say that the “Jeep” was slang for the acronym GP, which stands for either “Government Purpose” or “General Purpose”. Others said that the 1930’s Popeye Comic Strip was what inspired the brand’s name because in the said comic strip, Popeye the sailor man had a pet. Its name was Eugene the Jeep, a mysterious jungle animal with magical powers. Eugene the Jeep was small, can travel between dimensions, and was able to solve a multitude of problems. Eugene was such an impressive character, that the US soldiers began calling their trusty vehicle as the Jeep, leading to its eventual brand name that we know today.

Here in the Philippines, Auto Nation Group gained exclusive rights to distribute and service Jeep vehicles. With its dealerships and service centres in EDSA Greenhills, Pasong Tamo Extension Makati, and in Alabang Zapote Road Muntinlupa, Jeep PH, as it is more popularly known, has a niche market among our fellow Filipino off-road enthusiasts who opt to having a more masculine ride with an honourable background as a war hero.

Jeep PH’s model line-up comprises of two off-road masters, the Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Available in an array of trims and variants like the Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited and the Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk, these vehicles are very much capable, and can really get down and dirty, while still keeping its occupants in comfy conditions.

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