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FAQ For Sales Agents.

FAQ For Sales Agents.

What is is an online automotive resource for prospective car and motorcycle buyers in the Philippines. We provide timely updates on the latest promotions and financing deals supplied to us by manufacturers and dealership groups. In addition to this, we provide a wide-range of research material; including the Philippines most comprehensive car guide and car comparison tool. 

Through these features our goal is to connect buyers with sales agents and showrooms by allowing the prospective buyer to request a quote, send an inquiry or book a test-drive from the website. Through these functions we provide sales agents with the means to connect with an increased volume of prospective clients through a process that is convenient and time-efficient for the buyer. This allows sales agents to create a more tailored selling environment by already understanding the requirements and concerns of a potential buyer.

Sounds good, how do I sign up?

To begin the process of registering a sales agent, you must first complete our sales agent application form. Let us know your name, the dealership you represent, your e-mail and your telephone number. After you have signed up, be sure to regularly check your email for updates from us. Please makes sure the information is correct, as these will be the details we will use to contact you for future leads.

I registered as a sales agent already but can’t post ads. is unlike a traditional classifieds website (example: or that relies on a sales agent having to post and manage online ads. Instead we aim to focus on providing sales agents with leads that derive from our car guide or from the deal pages posted by manufacturers or dealership groups. This allows sales agents to concentrate their time on responding to leads that occur passively and to focus on creating more efficient selling environments. Best of all, it means our service is totally free for sales agents (and always will be). 

I registered, but am not receiving leads yet.

Patience is a virtue. In order to protect our buyers against potential scams, we’re verifying each and every agent that signs up to our service. After we have spoken to your dealership and confirmed your identity we will place you on the list of approved sales agents. In time you will begin receiving leads from our help desk via your e-mail address or your registered cell phone number. Early next year will be providing more features to help you manage and organize your leads. We'll send you an e-mail each time we roll out a new feature for sales agent.

My manufacturer or dealership are running promos and financing deals but they’re not listed on is currently partnered with a number of major automotive brands in the Philippines and has recently helped thousands of buyers connect with sales agents and dealerships. If promos from your brand are not currently registered on you can let us know by emailing us at

What do I need to do next?

For now, keep a close eye on your email account for leads from In early 2015 we will be providing some new exciting features for sales agents to build and manage leads more effectively. Until then, if you have further questions, feel free to contact us. Also keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for further updates.

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