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What are the differences between brand and dealer subscription packages on AutoDeal?

What are the differences between brand and dealer subscription packages on AutoDeal?

It’s a question dealers often ask our Business Development team: “What are the main differences between participating on a brand subscription versus subscribing as a Dealer Partner on AutoDeal?” To make things easier to understand, we've outlined the 7 key aspects that differentiate the two services and their additional benefits.

Understanding Brand Subscriptions

Brand subscriptions are offered to automotive manufacturers (OEMs) or official importers in the Philippines. They generate leads mainly through the Car Guide, Car Comparison, Brand, and Blog pages. This is highly advantageous for competitive brands who want to grow and increase their share of voice in the country's #1 online automotive marketplace.

As a partner brand, they get total network coverage. This means their nationwide dealership network will receive leads generated on from customers in their geographic capture areas. They also gain access to AutoDeal's lead management system and AutoDeal for Agents mobile app, bundled with a continuous digital sales training for dealers and their respective agents.

AutoDeal also offers advertising options and increased exposure to brands. Monthly email newsletters and ad placement solutions allow brands to offer nationwide marketing promotions and generate more leads. Since the average car buyer on AutoDeal shop between two to three different automakers, targeted ads and suggested content have the ability to reach prospective buyers who may not have considered your brand to make the switch.

Understanding Dealer Subscriptions

Dealership subscriptions, on the other hand, enable individual dealers or dealership groups to promote their business, publish exclusive offers and promos, and attract more customers even those outside their capture areas.

Subscriptions are tiered as Plus, Pro, and Elite packages that offer different package inclusions with Pro and Elite getting more features that are designed to increase dealer visibility and generate even more leads.

autodeal dealer subscription


Major Benefits of Dealers Subscribed to AutoDeal

Unlike dealers who solely rely on a brand subscription, Dealer Partners who subscribe on their own are immediately more competitive on AutoDeal due to the following reasons:

Dealer-Partners are able to publish monthly sales promos and generate leads outside of capture areas. As a result, car buyers who are shopping from their preferred brands can view the advertised deal and be enticed to purchase directly from their dealership. Since dealer geo-location is not a major concern for many AutoDeal users, dealerships can win leads and sales from buyers who are outside their natural “capture areas.”

Another major advantage is the increased leads and sales. Based on the items above, those with Dealership Packages can receive a higher number of leads and sales than dealers who are purely on a brand subscription.

There are also additional services for Dealer Partners who get their own dealership microsite and have the ability to publish buyer reviews as well as servicing offers. They are also able to feature monthly sales promos to make them stand out amongst the hundreds of other dealer offers on AutoDeal.

Brand vs. Dealer Subscription in Terms of Leads and Sales

It's possible for a dealer to simultaneously have both Brand and Dealer Subscriptions. One of our dealers had a Partner Pro package while its brand was also subscribed on the platform. The data shown below clearly details the leads and sales trends, comparing what they received from their own subscription versus what they got from their brand.

Note that performance also varies depending on brand popularity and promo desirability. Other factors such as the number of days a promo is advertised in a particular month will affect the total lead tally.

lead graph

Dealer Subscriptions not only increases the number of leads generated but also increases the dealer's output in sales.

sales graph

In this particular example, Dealer Partner was able to generate 79% of their total sales output from users who inquired through their dealer-specific Sales Promo offerings. Some months even saw their sales volume on AutoDeal increase by 700 to 800%.

Advertising Options for Brands

Several advertising options on AutoDeal are exclusively available for brands and are typically referred to as brand lead boosters. These include the Homepage Hero, Promo Hero, Brand Bump, and Suggested Comparisons.

brand advertising


Advertising Options for Dealers

On the other hand, AutoDeal also offers a wide range of advertising options for dealers.

They can periodically increase their leads by using advertising credits to boost their dealer promos, feature them in unique areas on the AutoDeal website, and increase its exposure to buyers. Available executions include Featured Promos, Promo Bumps, Showcase Promos, and Featured Dealers.

In addition, dealers may also purchase additional media placements on display advertising (ex. leaderboard and skyscraper banners) or target AutoDeal's extensive number of e-mail subscribers.

These can be booked through an account manager or purchased directly using their AutoDeal wallet.

dealer advertising


Additional Ways to Further Increase Leads

Partner Dealers also have the ability to publish buyer reviews on specific pages on AutoDeal. Successful buyers can leave a Sales Agent Review to rate their experience, which enables dealers and their well-performing agents to benefit from increased exposure due to their high customer rating.

Ideally, this entices future buyers to inquire and purchase from a dealer with a higher review rating and generate more leads and sales.

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