Pros & Cons

The MX-5 is a roadster, which merits it many points relating to the driving dynamics and handling. It's a nimble chassis with a capable engine that delivers power to the rear wheels. You'll look forward to getting in the driver's seat of this vehicle simply because Mazda has engineered the machine to drive, and drive well. It also stands as the best-looking MX-5 to date and is a relative performance bargain at the price that it commands. 

The only con that comes with the standard soft-top model is the NVH insulation isn't the best at speed, and wind noise and road vibrations creep in. 

What You Will Like
  • You'll look forward to driving this everyday
  • Best looking MX-5 yet
  • Best performance per peso in the market
What You Won't Like
  • Soft top can be loud or a security risk

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