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Like most young boys during its day, Walter Owen Bentley was a very ambitious and talented young engineer who wanted to build an automobile under his name. But before he could make the dream a reality, he had to make necessary steps to learn the trade by selling French-made DFP (Doriot, Flandrin, and Plarant) cars in Cricklewood England together with his brother Horace Millner Bentley. He soon learned that the best marketing tool in selling cars was to promote them in motorsport racing. But not soon after, the war broke and the business shut down.

Yet during the First World War, Walter Owen Bentley or WO shined as an engineer helping his country make war planes and redesigning them for greater performance and reliability. After the war, WO gathered all the things he learned and pursued his dream into forming the Bentley Motors Limited in January 18, 1918. What followed was a torrent of successes on both the road and track with improved engine manufacturing in the 1920s. The brands’ first car - the Bentley 30Litre was highly-acclaimed to be one of the best motor cars during its time and what followed on to the next decade came with five victories in the Le Mans 24-Hour Race.

Through the years, Bentley Motors Limited has undergone a multitude of phases and rights ownerships. In 1931, Bentley Motors Limited was sold to Rolls-Royce, following the onslaught of the Great Depression. Bentley survived long enough, even battling the chaos of the Second World War, but it went under boiling waters again in the 70’s. To the rescue came Vickers PLC which bought the rights to Rolls-Royce, including it in the process. In the late-90’s, Vickers announced that it would sell Rolls-Royce. Volkswagen AG and BMW AG entered the scene and have agreed to split Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Rolls-Royce is to BMW AG, as Bentley is to Volkswagen AG. This marked the British automaker’s re-entry into the success circle.

Here in the Philippines, Bentley went full-swing as the 3rd quarter of 2013 arrived. Under the wings of the PGA Cars, Bentley has its great reps intact, and has enlisted itself in the local motoring industry as one of the country’s most luxurious automobile entities. Located along EDSA Mandaluyong, Bentley PH currently has the Muslanne, Continental GT, Continental GT Speed (the fastest production Bentley), Continental GTC, and the Flying Spur.

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